Quality is key, safety is paramount


One of the top priorities at Konings is to constantly deliver outstanding quality in a safe working environment. This is embedded in the DNA of our company and our employees are committed to it. Thanks to our insistence on both safety and high quality, we ensure you receive the best.


High quality equals safety! For Konings, safety is a top priority and constantly monitored and improved. We invest in equipment that is safe to operate, clean and maintain. We also invest in training to ensure our staff are able to work safely, and have an open culture where we encourage the reporting of near misses to keep our environments accident-free.


We are confident, we provide you with the best possible quality. Why? Because we do not take quality for granted. Our global QUALITY ASSURANCE TEAM oversees all our plants. It is responsible for the management and improvement of processes, for monitoring all of our suppliers and for complying with the necessary legislation and food safety regulations.


Our dedicated local QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENTS supervise all the different steps in the production process, from the delivery of raw materials and packaging to the transport of drinks to our clients. The continuous and constant monitoring of the entire manufacturing process guarantees optimal results in terms of colour, smell and taste.